How our M&A Firm Performs

DL Brokerage, Inc. was founded on the principle that a small company could offer a hands-on approach by building a relationship with several would-be sellers and potential buyers over the years. Our firm is fairly well-known in the food and beverage industry for working diligently in achieving the short and long term objectives of both parties. We keep all parties informed of the market, study their needs closely, and patiently stay in touch until our services are needed.

Some businesses wish to cash out or sell partially/wholly. Others consider partnering with an equity firm who will buy either a minority or majority stake in their company. Doing so allows a seller to mitigate risk or “take some chips off the table.” In this situation, the seller can continue their business operations until the private equity buyer decides to exit by selling their stake, usually to a strategic buyer. This leaves the seller to benefit from the sale a second time, creating a situation commonly known as the “second bite at the apple.” Similarly, we had done several deals with multinational food conglomerates/strategic buyers who prefer to acquire family-owned food & beverage businesses in whole while keeping the management team in place.


What Sets Us Apart

Unlike other investment banks or intermediaries, our mergers and acquisition firm operates exclusively on a confidential basis for any transaction. We do not publicize or broadcast the sale before or after closing.

Our firm works closely with sellers who wish to be tight-lipped about their decision to sell their business. When seeking a strategic or financial buyer, we remain vigilant in respecting the seller’s wishes of discretion.